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NBS: China Jan-Aug FAI down 0.3%, property up 4.6%


Date:[9/25/2020]    Source:Shandong Hai Steel Co.,Ltd


NBS: China Jan-Aug FAI down 0.3%, property up 4.6%

Over January-August, China’s fixed asset investment (FAI) still declined but by just 0.3% on year against the 1.6% on-year drop for the first seven months, and the funding in the domestic property market grew much faster at 4.6% on year, confirming the steady recovery in the Chinese economy, according to the release by the country’s National Bureau of Statistics on September 15.

Of the total Yuan 37.9 trillion ($5.6 trillion) FAI over the past eight months, the funding from the country’s non-state-owned investors fell 2.8% on year to Yuan 21.5 trillion against the 5.7% on-year decrease over January to July, according to the NBS data, while the investment from the state-owned enterprises filled up the gap, posting a 3.2% on-year gain.


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